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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the concepts of inherent risk, quality of controls, and residual risk, as identified in the Risk Assessment section of the Commercial Cannabis Handbook
  • Analyze a scenario of high risk concern

Who Should Attend

  • Members studying for the CCCE
  • Members interested in clarifying their understanding of the risk assessment process
  • Those interested in entering the commercial cannabis industry
  • Compliance officers for commercial cannabis businesses
  • Compliance officers for ancillary cannabis businesses


  • Global


  • Commercial Cannabis Businesses
  • Ancillary Cannabis Businesses



Improve your risk assessment by hearing from Angelo, a former regulator, with years of risk assessment experience. Ask Angelo your questions to validate your current practices against his knowledge of risk assessment best practices.

The Risk Assessment process will help you identify the highest residual risks that have a material impact on your business so you can allocate resources appropriately. The risk assessment is a foundational component of the risk program because it creates a strong defendable risk culture.

The risk assessment enables prioritization and tailoring of the risk-based control activities.

Join ACCCE for the next community discussion where guest speaker Angelo Coppola, Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer of Globex 2000 and former regulator, will talk about the risk assessment process; specifically, how to measure the inherent risks a business is exposed to, how to evaluate the quality of controls implemented, and how to measure the risks that remain. Angelo will be happy to answer any risk assessment questions the audience may have.

For those studying for ACCCE certification, this is a great opportunity to reinforce concepts discussed in the Commercial cannabis Handbook.

Continuing Education: .5


Brion Nazzaro, CCCE

President - ACCCE


Angelo Coppola

Chief Anti-Money Laundering Officer (CAMLO) - Globex 2000 Financial Services Inc.