Alliance Membership

The core vision of alliance memberships is to create a forum to recognize experts unified in strengthening cannabis industry standards of risk management. The alliances develop businesses and professionals poised to make an impact by reducing public harm, increasing public safety, and promoting the sound operation of the licensed cannabis market in line with regulatory expectations.

Cannabis Risk Management Badge

Cannabis Risk Management

Alliance Member Program

The Cannabis Risk Management Alliance Membership provides guidance and resources for businesses pursuing cannabis risk management.  To increase valuation, recognition, and company image, these businesses implement risk management best practices.

These members demonstrate a commitment to a strong risk culture by:


  1. Implementing a risk program in accordance with ACCCE’s roadmap
  2. Showcasing achievements for lowering their risk profile
  3. Recognizing certified cannabis risk management professionals on their team
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Cannabis Risk Management Advocate

Alliance Member Program

The Cannabis Risk Management Advocate alliance membership (“Alliance”) is the vehicle to demonstrate changes experts are making to strengthen their risk culture. 

The Alliance provides immediate access to experts that will assist in the development of remediation roadmaps, best practices, and governance techniques. The Alliance develops businesses and professionals poised to make an impact by reducing public harm, increasing public safety, and promoting the sound operation of the licensed cannabis market in line with regulatory expectations. CRM advocates are evaluated for their potential contribution to this overall vision. 

Participation denotes a commitment to moving towards strong risk culture by demonstrating your commitment to change through: 

  1. Relationship with ACCCE to promote risk management best practices  
  2. Meet known best practice milestones  
  3. Commitment to educating others based on lessons-learned  

Thought Leader

Alliance Member Program

The Thought Leader Alliance Membership provides public exposure for businesses actively pursuing cannabis risk management. This alliance membership provides access to a group of thought leaders that will assist in the development of best practices, resources, and governance techniques.

Thought Leader Alliance Membership is a commitment to working with the larger professional community to:


  1. Publicly promote thought leadership and increase brand awareness by demonstrating risk management expertise on the specific types of problems you manage best
  2. Showcase how your risk solution is a best fit for the cannabis industry
  3. Give potential customers access to trusted risk management information so your material can be easily validated

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Thought Leader Alliance Members

Clarion Compliance logo

Clarion Compliance provides critical compliance measures to companies that operate in, and with the cannabis industry. Our suite of services focuses on independent, third party verification, real time monitoring, site inspections, compliance audits, financial audits, and fraud and loss investigations specifically for the insurance industry, banking industries, and government agencies. We provide the experts and software the industry needs to provide effective compliance that transcends the current self-reporting model.

Clarion Compliance logo

CorCom, LLC, founded by Brandi Reynolds, CAMS-Audit, is a consulting firm specializing in Money Transmitter State Licensing, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Financial Crimes Prevention (FCP). The firm employs experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME) with a wide range of industry knowledge as it relates to banking and non-banking financial institutions. CorCom has become well known for providing support to cryptocurrency exchanges, providers, and ICOs. The firm offers Consulting Services that include Implementing/Managing/Maintaining Money Transmitter Licensing Processes, BSA/AML/OFAC Program Development, Risk Management, Training, Advisory Services, and Independent Reviews. CorCom provides practical guidance for obtaining and maintaining money transmitter licenses, identifying state requirements, coordinating with state regulators, submitting state reports, identifying risk, detecting suspicious or unusual activity, and preventing exposure associated with money laundering and terrorist financing.

Heritage logo

With nearly 20 years of global AML & Compliance experience, we have the expertise to take your AML / CTF Compliance program to the next level.

Nature Trek logo

NatureTrak’s enterprise solution is purposed built for financial institutions banking cannabis. Streamline your operations across risk mitigation, document management, transaction verification, and much more — all from a single platform.

Twelve logo

PBC Conference is the B2B conference for payments, banking, and compliance in the cannabis industry. We created this conference for the private sector and the government to work together to solve payments, banking, and compliance challenges in the cannabis industry. We strongly feel that these are the cornerstones with which the cannabis industry can explode in growth.

Twelve logo

TWELVE Education is a provider of bespoke Financial Crime and Compliance training. A range of Financial Crime e-learning modules will be launched in 2021.  Our flagship mentoring and development program, the TWELVE Program, has attracted participants from all continents.

Cannabis Risk Management Alliance Members

Alpha Root logo

AlphaRoot is a full service insurance brokerage that focuses exclusively in the cannabis, hemp and CBD space. We work with companies across the entire supply chain, from seed to sale, as well as, ancillary providers. Our unique expertise allows us to provide customized solutions and access to preferred insurance markets.

C15 Solutions logo

C15 Solutions Inc. is Canada’s Leading Technology and Service Provider dedicated to the Cannabis Industry. Scale your business with the No. 1 Selection in Cannabis for Content, Training and Quality Management (eQMS), based on Veeva’s world-class pharma and CPG eQMS.

C15 Solutions logo

CannAAfrika contributes to the global value chain by “connecting cultures through cannabis”. We are an international digital highway that features content, events, programming, community engagement and resources; that provide opportunities for people to excel in the cannabis industry. 


C15 Solutions logo

CLS Holdings, better known as Cannabis Life Sciences, is an integrated cannabis producer and retailer serving the discerning consumer through our brands, City Trees and Oasis Cannabis. 

C15 Solutions logo

Our SafeHerb program provides comprehensive, client-tailored insurance and risk solutions to the rapidly expanding cannabis industry in the United States. Our cannabis insurance specialists, Michael DeNault and Bill Perrier, are dedicated to achieving the highest standards of compliance across the country and creating the easiest pathway to being insured. If you grow, sell, or produce cannabis you will want to make sure your business is properly insured.


iComply Services

Global Hemp Association is the best connector of professionals in the hemp industry. Members can meet with providers from every corner of the hemp world. Farmers, manufacturers, retailers, financiers, grant writers, and national leaders. We bring together every specialist, region, and country.

iComply Services

iComply assists Cannabis/Hemp stakeholders in developing & implementing rules/regulations amidst operational compliance.  We focus on developing a compliant cannabis culture, that reduces the cost, risk & complexity, to truly make a difference for the future of cannabis globally.

Qualium Consulting logo

Qualium Consulting provides compliance support to the craft operators in the Canadian cannabis industry. They share their passion towards quality with cannabis cultivators and processors and help them produce products that genuinely help consumers

Qualium Consulting logo


We provide verified traceability and compliance for the global hemp and CBD marketplace.The rapid of adoption of CBD (cannabinoids) in tinctures, edibles, topicals, and other products illustrates the urgency for line-of-sight traceability and compliance for all to believe that safe products end up on the shelf for your family and ours.


Vigland Advisors logo

 Vigland Advisors provides accounting services for cannabis businesses ranging from month end reporting to ad hoc financial analysis, giving management the tools they need to make decisions confidently.

Wyatt Group logo

Wyatt is a full service audit firm in the cannabis space offering boots on the ground expertise and oversight at the farm/grow level through extraction, distillation and manufacturing, helping to confirm and support improved operational activities that fall within industry guidelines. Wyatt also provides operational confirmation to the finance industry.

Your Hemp CFO logo

YourHempCFO is an experienced team providing nation-wide accounting, tax preparation and virtual CFO services that can help you maximize 280e tax deductions and develop strategies not only to save you in taxes, but also help you accelerate your growth potential using financial data and analytics.

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