Commercial Cannabis Handbook

Members are provided with access to the Commercial Cannabis Handbook, an extensive repository of knowledge and insight into the commercial cannabis industry.

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The Commercial Cannabis Handbook provides a deep understanding of the commercial cannabis industry and offers the tools necessary to identify and manage the risks commonly encountered by businesses within the industry.

The Commercial Cannabis Handbook is written by risk management and commercial cannabis industry experts to provide the most comprehensive commercial cannabis risk management resource available. The Commercial Cannabis Handbook will guide you in risk management decision making.

The Commercial Cannabis Handbook is organized into four main sections that comprise a comprehensive view into the industry.

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The About ACCCE section explains the role that ACCCE plays and the benefits available to its members. It also introduces members to ACCCE vernacular, allowing them to discuss the association in a knowledgeable and accurate manner.

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Breakdown of Commercial Cannabis Industry

The Breakdown of Commercial Cannabis Industry section is a comprehensive overview of the commercial cannabis industry, including the business sectors and sub-sectors that comprise it. As it explores each sector, this chapter discusses the vernacular used by certain sectors as well as the common risks each sector faces and the strategies used to manage those risks.   

Collectively these sections provide unparalleled insight into the commercial cannabis industry. The Commercial Cannabis Handbook equips ACCCE members with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the commercial cannabis industry, make informed risk-based decisions, and effectively manage the risks encountered by commercial cannabis businesses.  

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Cannabis Risk Management Framework

The Cannabis Risk Management Framework section introduces ACCCE’s risk management framework. Designed by risk management experts with extensive cannabis industry experience, ACCCE’s Cannabis Risk Management Framework guides cannabis businesses through the process of identifying and managing risk. This section details each component of the framework and discusses how it can be implemented within the commercial cannabis business.

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Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment section introduces members to the process of assessing risk. It explores the five common risk areas that affect cannabis businesses and examines the drivers and issues that impact these areas. This section also offers analysis of common examples of higher risk issues and the common risk mitigation techniques implemented to manage them.

Educational Board of Advisors

The Commercial Cannabis Handbook is supported by an advisory board of experts with commercial cannabis and risk management experience. This advisory board is responsible for reviewing the Commercial Cannabis Handbook‘s content and certification standards in order to promote professionalism and ensure ACCCE’s place as the leading provider of commercial cannabis risk management education to its members.