ACCCE offers the international gold standard in commercial cannabis risk management certification.

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Certified Commercial Cannabis Professional (CCCP)

The CCCP is for members without prior commercial cannabis or risk management experience.

The CCCP exam will focus on commercial cannabis industry knowledge and a narrower range of risk management within the Commercial Cannabis Handbook than the CCCE.

Available in mid 2020.

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Certified Commercial Cannabis Expert (CCCE)

The CCCE is for members who have risk management and/or commercial cannabis industry experience.

The CCCE exam assess commercial cannabis industry knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of risk management practices that are covered in the Commercial Cannabis Handbook. The CCCE exam requires the ability to apply these concepts to specific situations in the commercial cannabis industry.

These certifications demonstrate your knowledge of the Cannabis Risk Management Framework, risk assessment principles, risk issues, and best practices. Members who hold ACCCE certifications are recognized for making a serious commitment to promoting public safety and reducing public harm.

Benefits of Certification 

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Advance Your Career

ACCCE certification provides documented evidence of your expertise and experience, demonstrating a high level of skill, knowledge, and professionalism. In addition, the continuing education requirements focus on tactical and strategic skills to ensure the continued value of the certification.


Enhance Marketability and Job Security

When you earn ACCCE certification, current and future employers will recognize your commitment to the industry and view you as an asset to any commercial cannabis business. As a certified member, ACCCE will provide you with knowledge of current trends and developments, including an understanding of key risk areas in your business and that of your suppliers and vendors. 

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Gain Professional Visibility and Credibility

ACCCE offers you opportunities to showcase your knowledge and thought leadership by regularly highlighting your published articles, webinars, and speaking events.

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 Additional Benefits

In addition, ACCCE certification provides you with the following knowledge and skills:

  • Expertise in the Cannabis Risk Management Framework
  • Knowledge of global commercial cannabis risk management best practices
  • Understanding of key risks in your business and that of your vendors   
  • Ability to identify red flags of risk events   
  • The tools and knowledge to create a risk-based strategy for mitigating high priority risks
  • Ability to identify the most efficient and effective risk mitigator when limited resources are available

Certification Learning Paths

You have access to two different learning paths before taking your exam.

These are designed to allow Members to select the experience that best meets their needs.

Select each path to learn more.


Self-Study Certification Path

Self-study Certification Path

For ACCCE members who prefer a self-guided approach, the self-study certification path provides access to all materials necessary to study for and pass the CCCE or CCCP Exam.

If you select the self-study certification path, you are provided access to the Commercial Cannabis Handbook, you may choose to take the certification exam whenever they feel that they have mastered the content.

Certification + Exam Prep

Exam Prep Learning Path
Available mid 2020

Exam Prep Learning Path

For ACCCE members who prefer a more directed learning experience, the exam prep learning path provides a tailored, focused learning experience, along with a refund-guaranteed pathway to certification.

You are guided through the material one module at a time, assisted by the following resources:

- a personalized study plan based on your pre-test results

- a review guide that directs you to the most relevant content in the Commercial Cannabis Handbook

- certification resources that assist you in understanding concepts and practicing your application.

You are assessed via focused module exams, allowing you to build toward mastery one concept at a time.

Certification Fees

Explore ACCCE’s membership and certification options.

Please note that membership is needed to become certified.

  • Price
  • ACCCE's Commercial Cannabis Handbook is the body of knowledge for the commercial cannabis business expert, providing comprehensive guidance for risk management.Commercial Cannabis Handbook
  • Discounts on webinars, paid resources, etc.
  • Membership includes complimentary access to articles and case studies. Certification includes additional job aids, templates, and guides.Industry specific educational materials
  • Membership includes access to the Commercial Cannabis Handbook. Certification includes additional templates with guidance materials.Risk management tools
  • Thought Leadership is an individual or firm that is recognized as an authority in a specialized field and whose expertise is sought and often rewarded. Membership includes access to cutting-edge articles by thought leaders. Certification allows memebrs to contribute to ACCCE's Commercial Cannabis Handbook and other resources.Risk management thought leadership
  • Networking opportunities include connecting through online communities and social media groups as well as, bringing people together at physical locations for training, conferences, and local meetups.Networking opportunities
  • A risk management framework is a recognized approach for managing risks across an organization by implementing effective internal controls including Control Environment, Risk Assessment, Control Activities, Information and Communication, and Monitoring Activities.In-depth understanding of the Cannabis Risk Management Framework
  • CCCE Certification

  • $1,195 USD
  • Exclusive certified member opportunities
  • Exclusive certified member opportunities
  • Exclusive certified member opportunities
  • Exclusive certified member opportunities
  • Membership + CCCE Certification

    $100 Membership + $1,195 CCCE
    - $95 Bundle Savings = $1,200

  • $1,200 USD
  • Exclusive certified member opportunities
  • Exclusive certified member opportunities
  • Exclusive certified member opportunities
  • Exclusive certified member opportunities

How to Get Certified


Only members may participate in the certification process and retain their certification. 

For more information about membership, see our membership page. 

Audience and Eligibility Requirements 

The Certified Commercial Cannabis Expert (CCCE) process was developed for members who can demonstrate a baseline of experience in risk management and/or commercial cannabis.  

Candidates must achieve a minimum of 40 qualifying credits based on education, professional certification or licenses, and experience in the field.   

In order to determine if you have the qualifications needed, please review the eligibility requirements.

Application Process 

Application Form 

Once you have signed up for membership, sign in to your member profile.  You can access the application form by clicking on the Certified Commercial Cannabis Exam icon.  If you are a member, but have not purchased certification, you will be prompted to pay for the certification examYou will then be asked to complete the form and attach the required documentation.   

Once the application form has been submitted, it will be reviewed to determine if the necessary qualifications have been met. The decision notice will be provided to you via e-mail no later than 10 days from the day of submission. 


The Certified Commercial Cannabis Expert (“CCCE”) is an online exam that will assess your knowledge and application of the material presented in the Commercial Cannabis HandbookThe exam will also test your ability to apply those concepts to specific situations in the cannabis industry.  

Members taking the expert-level certification must show mastery of the following four core areas:  

  1. About  ACCCE    
  2. Breakdown of Commercial Cannabis Industry     
  3. Cannabis Risk Management Framework    
  4. Risk Assessment    

All materials needed to take the exam are found in the Commercial Cannabis Handbook. The handbook is overseen by an education advisory board of experts with commercial cannabis and risk management experience. They are responsible for reviewing the Commercial Cannabis Handbooks content and certification standards in order to promote professionalism for its members. 


You will have 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete the exam.  After that time, the exam will end.  Please note that you will not be able to re-enter the exam once that time has passed 


There are eighty questions in this exam.  The questions range in difficulty from medium to hard and are distributed as follows: 

Section Number of Questions
About Us  4
Breakdown of Commercial Cannabis Industry  17
Cannabis Risk Management Framework  28
Risk Assessment  31



The results will be immediately displayed upon completion of the exam.   A grade of 80% is needed to pass and become a CCCE. Once this passing grade is achieved, you will be able to download a copy of your digital certificate to share on social media. You will also receive a personalized framed certificate by mail.  

In the event you do not pass, you will be eligible to re-take the exam. To re-take the exam, you must wait 6 days after the first attempt and still be within the 120 days from the purchase of your certification.  You are provided two attempts to take the test before you must purchase another certification attempt. 

Maintaining Certification

In order to maintain your certificate once it has been earned, your membership must remain active. 

Certification FAQs

What is ACCCE?

Association of Certified Commercial Cannabis Experts (“ACCCE”) is the international association for professional development and certification in the commercial cannabis industry. ACCCE is the premier provider of education in commercial cannabis industry risk management best practices.

Can I earn my certification without being a member?

No. You will need to sign up to be a member to complete the certification. Please click here to register for your membership and certification.

How much does it cost to become certified?

ACCCE’s Certified Commercial Cannabis Expert (“CCCE”) certification costs $1,195 USD when adding on to an existing membership. However, you can save by bundling and purchasing membership and CCCE certification together!  Learn more about ACCCE’s certification fees and any current discounts we may be offering.

Are there any eligibility requirements to become certified?

Yes, after purchasing certification, you must apply with ACCCE to determine if you are eligible to take the CCCE Examination. Learn more about Eligibility Requirements.

How do I become certified?

To become certified, you will need to demonstrate proficiency on the various topics around cannabis and risk management detailed in the Commercial Cannabis Handbook. After reading the relevant sections, you will be required to take a test to demonstrate your grasp on the concepts. To pass the examination, you must achieve a score of 80% or more. Find out more about certification with ACCCE.

How long is the certification valid?

Your certification will remain valid as long as your membership stays in good standing and you complete the required continuing education credits.

Why should I become certified?

Certification from ACCCE demonstrates to employers, clients, and others in the commercial cannabis industry that you have a deep expertise in the commercial cannabis industry and managing the unique risks associated with a commercial cannabis business. Many members find that they are better able to fulfill their board of director functions, execute their management responsibilities, and advise others on risk management techniques and business opportunities. Find out more about certification with ACCCE.

How are ACCCE’s certifications different from other cannabis certifications?

Certified Commercial Cannabis certification is the only international certification currently available for cannabis risk management. Learn more about ACCCE’s benefits of certification.

What are the different types of certification?

ACCCE currently offers the Certified Commercial Cannabis Expert (“CCCE”) and will be offering the Certified Commercial Cannabis Professional (“CCCP”) Certification in mid-2020. The CCCE examination tests on commercial cannabis industry knowledge and a comprehensive understanding and application of risk management practices covered in the Commercial Cannabis Handbook.

The CCCP examination tests on commercial cannabis industry knowledge and a proficient understanding of risk management covered in the Commercial Cannabis Handbook.  All members are eligible to earn their CCCP.

Find out more about certification with ACCCE.

Where do I take the CCCE or CCCP examination?

The CCCE and CCCP examinations are taken online at your own time, accessed through the member dashboard.

Who was involved in the development of the Commercial Cannabis Handbook?

ACCCE drew on its network of commercial cannabis experts in risk management during the development of the Commercial Cannabis Handbook. In addition, ACCCE’s educational advisory board, which includes commercial cannabis risk management experts from a variety of professional backgrounds, reviews and approves the Commercial Cannabis Handbook.