ACCCE supports its members by providing access to the knowledge, resources and training needed to understand the complexities and risks of the commercial cannabis industry

Together, reducing the licensed cannabis market risk worldwide. The mission of ACCCE is to bring cannabis risk management professionals together. Uniting to share knowledge, best practices and hard-won experience that boosts the effectiveness of everyone involved in cannabis risk management. This community is at the forefront of increasing the safety and soundness of the licensed cannabis market.

Benefits of Membership

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Commercial Cannabis Handbook

  • Risk management concepts and techniques
  • Comprehensive breakdown of the sectors and sub-sectors of the commercial cannabis industry
  • Cannabis Risk Management Framework helps identify risks and opportunities
  • Common risks areas and mitigating techniques to manage them
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Professional Development

  • Webinars
  • Tailored education
  • Live events
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Tools and Resources

  • Immediately access reliable risk management information conveniently organized all in one place
  • Customizable job aids
  • Discounts on ACCCE and alliance member tools and services
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Opportunity to Certify 

  • Access to exam prep material 
  • Access to Study Buddy program 
  • Evaluate your exam readiness with the pre-test  

For more information:

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“ACCCE provides vital training and information needed to manage the inherent risk that comes with this type of emerging market.”

Tanya Officer, CCCE
KYC Specialist

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“ACCCE membership provides credibility to cannabis businesses and businesses that serve the cannabis industry and signals to others that our organization is serious about its participation in the cannabis industry.

Alice Denenberg
Attorney at Law

Kirk Barry

ACCCE provides me with an international medium to exchange thought leadership and best practices.

Kirk Barry, CCCE
CEO of Clarion Compliance

Options & Pricing

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  • ACCCE's Commercial Cannabis Handbook provides a deep understanding of the commercial cannabis industry and offers the tools necessary to identify and manage the risks commonly encountered by businesses within the industry.Commercial Cannabis Handbook
  • Discounts on Webinars, Paid Resources
  • Membership includes complimentary access to articles, case studies, webinars and community events.Industry Specific Educational Materials
  • Membership includes access to the Commercial Cannabis Handbook as well as other guidance materials.Risk Management Resources
  • Networking opportunities include connecting through online communities and social media groups, as well as bringing people together at physical locations for training, conferences, and local meetups.Networking Opportunities
  • A risk management framework is a recognized approach for managing risks across an organization by implementing effective internal controls including Internal Control Environment, Risk Assessment, Control Activities, Information and Communication, and Assurance Activities.In-depth understanding of the Cannabis Risk Management Framework
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