The commercial cannabis industry is one of the most highly regulated industries.

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Responding to a Complex Regulatory Environment

The legal history and public perception of cannabis has resulted in the current complex regulatory environment. The risks associated with the commercial cannabis industry are broad, diverse, and complicated. Many of the concepts of risk management are practiced universally across industries but have yet to be adapted to commercial cannabis. The absence of standardized risk management in this industry and the growing need to have qualified and knowledgeable risk experts launched the creation of the Association of Certified Commercial Cannabis Experts (ACCCE).

Connecting a Global Community

Established in 2019, ACCCE is dedicated to advancing the professional knowledge and skills of those committed to commercial cannabis risk management. It is the leading international professional association that connects a global community of like-minded professionals to share ideas, strategies and establish industry-leading risk-management techniques.

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Supporting Professional Development

Risk management and commercial cannabis experts created the Commercial Cannabis Handbook to develop a common understanding of risk management in the commercial cannabis industry. Standards of risk management were identified and contributions from a variety of industry professionals led to the development of the holistic Cannabis Risk Management Framework (CRMF).

ACCCE supports the professional development of commercial cannabis personnel across sectors by providing high quality, industry-relevant education and tools for our members.

ACCCE’s Mission

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Promote industry
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Educate professionals about strategies and practices required to meet these international standards and industry best practices

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Promote international standards for risk management within the commercial cannabis industry

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Certify professionals and experts with the knowledge to help navigate the complexities of the commercial cannabis industry

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Provide an international networking medium through which members can collaborate with their peers