ACCCE Mini-Series: Using Track and Trace Data to Identify Unusual Activity Episode 1

By Sarah

Relationships are the key to bridging the services gap for commercial cannabis businesses, and the basis of a good relationship is understanding the other side. Jontae James, CEO of NatureTrak, will provide a view for both the cannabis business and the ancillary cannabis business on how to accomplish the transparency necessary for both sides to prosper with risk-based due diligence. Jontae focuses on using the track and trace system and providing formal policies and procedures to support unusual activity analysis. Jontae will cover how to identify unusual activity indicators, complete a thorough analysis, and implement mitigation strategies.

The case to work together is simple; it is mutually beneficial. Luckily, we all want the same thing – legitimate cannabis business operations. Highly regulated ancillary cannabis businesses like financial institutions need information to bank commercial cannabis businesses. Cannabis as an emerging industry is going to require more transparency than most other industries because of historical stigma. In this episode, Jontae explains how access to track and trace data and formal policies and procedures help paint the picture of a well-organized business.