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Learning Objectives

  • Describe the high-risk issues you are exposed to within the cannabis product supply chain
  • Illustrate components of a strong control framework to manage supply chain risk
  • Determine what to do once risk is identified
  • Explain to vendors why these controls are important to reduce risk for their benefit as well as yours

Who Should Attend

  • Risk Managers
  • Compliance Officers
  • Commercial Cannabis Consultants
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Regulators
  • Commercial Cannabis COOs
  • Commercial Cannabis CEOs




  • Commercial cannabis businesses
  • Ancillary cannabis businesses


  • Cannabis Supply Chain Risk Management Fact Sheet

Cannabis risk officers, save your business time and money by understanding the highest risk issues that the cannabis product supply chain exposes you to, and obtaining answers from our expert panelist Elise Serbaroli on how to manage those risks efficiently and effectively.

The licensed cannabis product supply chain is built to ensure handoff of the cannabis product through multiple license types before it is sold to the consumer to better manage risks to public health, public safety, and taxation. While this methodology has benefits, it also increases the complexity of managing your supply chain risks. Managing complex supply chains requires an understanding of the risks you are exposed to, identifying those risks in your supply chain, implementing controls to manage risks once identified, and being able to work with your supply chain to manage risk together.

Elise will discuss common high-risk issues, best practices in managing your risk, and how to explain these practices to vendors above and below you in the supply chain. She will link the challenges faced by the cannabis industry in managing supply chain risk, and how other highly regulated industries have solved for similar risks. Elise will also discuss how the right technology solution can help manage the high-risk issues identified in the cannabis product supply chain. Disruptions with single buyers or sellers, complex cross jurisdictional compliance requirements, and exposure to recalling cannabis product are just a few common high-risk issues that a cannabis risk officer must manage. Effective controls to manage your supply chain include, but are not limited to, analysis, forecasting, and oversight of resource planning, inventory tracking, testing, and contract management. Establishing your controls by identifying common high-risk issues will keep the overhead cost reasonable and reduce the impact and frequency of supply chain problems, but the most cost-effective way to manage supply chain risk is to work with your supply chain vendors both above and below you.

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Continuing Education: .5


Brion Nazzaro, CCCE

President - ACCCE



Elise Serbaroli

Director of Global Business Development - Strimo