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Learning Objectives

* Understand the track and trace regulatory concept

* Understand how regulators use track and trace data to identify noncompliance

* Use the data in track and trace to identify noncompliance in your own business

Who Should Attend

  • Risk Managers
  • Industry Consultants
  • Insurance
  • Commercial Cannabis Compliance Officers
  • Regulators




  • Commercial Cannabis Businesses
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance

Track and trace systems store vast amounts of data about the cannabis product from seed to sale. This is a foundational element in creating transparency when managing cannabis products through the licensed commercial cannabis industry and one of the best sources of data available. Any entity dealing with commercial cannabis needs to understand what the track and trace regulations and the track and trace systems are meant to do, the data collected, and how it transitions across the supply chain to create transparency for the cannabis product from seed to sale. As one of the richest data sources available, understanding the track and trace system will help you implement due diligence on your cannabis product supply chain and monitor the cannabis product under the commercial cannabis business’s control.

We interview former cannabis examiner Phil Martin, CEO of Copacetic Strategies. This video will provide insight on the fundamentals of track and trace regulations, how non regulators can use the data to identify the risk profile of the cannabis product they work with, and what data to focus on.

This ACCCE On Demand video will review the data commercial cannabis businesses or ancillary commercial cannabis businesses should consider for ongoing monitoring.

This is an ACCCE On Demand video. This video is one hour in length.

Continuing Education: 1 hour


Brion Nazzaro, CCCE

President - ACCCE



Philip DS Martin, CAMS

CEO - Copacetic Strategies


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