Jim Vigland, CCCE

June 3, 2021


The key to any association is the people who make up the network. From lawyers and banking professionals, to commercial cannabis business owners and all who fall in between, we are proud of the diverse and expanding network of professionals and experts who are our members. To show our appreciation for the exceptional individuals in our community, we are highlighting Jim Vigland this week. Please reach out and connect with him on LinkedIn

Jim began his career in public accounting, working in teams to conduct financial audits and business valuations. He brought that experience to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division, using a variety of financial data to identify risk and conduct financial analyses on Colorado’s marijuana license holders. Today, Jim is the Financial Controller of BeLeaf Medical, a vertically integrated Missouri commercial cannabis business. He is also a consultant through Vigland Advisors, which provides financial advisory services for cannabis businesses, giving management the information needed to make decisions confidently. Jim is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE), Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS), Certified Commercial Cannabis Expert (CCCE), and holds a B.S. in accounting from Missouri State University.  

Jim originally planned on working for the FBI. When he started to get into forensic accounting in the commercial cannabis industry to build the skillsets he needed, he recognized the potential of the industry and benefit to consumers it could have. That’s when he changed course and went private. “At Missouri State, I studied accounting and was preached to “follow your passion, find your place.” As a Schedule I Controlled Substance Trafficker, I can honestly say I’ve done that. Accounting has never been so exciting.” Jim values ACCCE because it is a huge asset to him in terms of educating himself beyond his specialty in the commercial cannabis industry. He believes ACCCE is doing a great job in professionalizing the industry and promoting consistent practices across jurisdictions and has opened his network to many knowledgeable experts.  

Jim first heard about the Association of Certified Commercial Cannabis Experts through a referral from a friend and is an ACCCE Certified Commercial Cannabis Expert (CCCE) and serves on the ACCCE Education Advisory Board. “I am a CCCE because it adds credibility to both myself and the profession by contributing industry wide best practices.” As an accountant, when Jim sees risk, he sees liability. He believes that it’s always more cost effective to address risks proactively rather than waiting until it turns into a lawsuit or regulatory penalty. ACCCE’s risk management framework has helped him prioritize risks and plan ahead.  

Jim grew up in St. Louis and moved to Denver for six years after college. Though Jim says Denver was a hard place to leave, he’s happy to now be back in St. Louis, taking the knowledge of the Colorado cannabis industry back to his home state. Jim spent his years in Colorado hiking, skiing, and enjoy pushing his boundaries to be ready for the next hardest thing. He’s passionate about the outdoors, environmental sustainability, and fact checking.