Dr. Ian Messenger, CCCE

February 25, 2021


The key to any association is the people that make up the network. From lawyers and banking professionals, to commercial cannabis business owners and all who fall in between, we are proud of the diverse and expanding network of professionals and experts who are our members. To show our appreciation for the exceptional individuals in our community, we are highlighting Dr. Ian Messenger this week. Please reach out and connect with him here!  

Dr. Messenger is the president of TWELVE Education and creator of the TWELVE Financial Crime Program. Dr Messenger studied criminology and criminal justice at university before becoming a law enforcement officer, but after his career in policing, he moved into the education space. Dr. Messenger currently holds the following certifications: CCCE, CAMS, CFCS, CFE, CGSS, and CAMS-RM.  

Dr. Messenger provides compliance and risk management training and education to professionals in the cannabis industry. As an educator, he looks forward to sharing ACCCE’s risk management principles and best practices with his students and industry professionals. After emigrating from the UK to Canada, Dr. Messenger was looking for a career change with a 9-5 lifestyle. He moved into the education space and eventually launched he own education and training provider, TWELVE Education. TWELVE Education is a specialized financial crime training provider that offers the “TWELVE Program”, a comprehensive, hands-on, mentoring and development program for early years financial crime professionals. To say the least, TWELVE Education is fortunate to have Dr. Messenger as a part of the team.  

Dr. Messenger first heard about the Association of Certified Commercial Cannabis Experts through LinkedIn posts, and is an ACCCE Certified Commercial Cannabis Expert (CCCE). He chose to become a CCCE because he wants to demonstrate his professional knowledge of the commercial cannabis industry. “ACCCE provides an industry standard and benchmark with a means to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the cannabis industry.” Dr. Messenger believes that effective risk management helps to mitigate the involvement of illicit actors in business.  

Dr. Messenger is married with 3 boys. The youngest of the boys are twins, who just celebrated their first birthday. He grew up in the UK and spent over 10 years living in London, and in 2016, moved to Toronto, Canada, where he currently resides with his family. Though free time for Dr. Messenger is hard to come by, he is currently teaching his eldest son how to ride a bike. Dr. Messenger is interested in coaching and mentoring and is always looking to help others in the professional world. Dr. Messenger loves living in Canada, despite the cold, and has a photographic memory.  

We are proud to have an esteemed member like Ian Messenger in our network. As our community continues to grow, we find it important to thank our members for their commitment to professionalizing the commercial cannabis industry. Thank you, Ian, for being such an important part of the cannabis community. Together, we are a part of something great.