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Cannabis Risk Management Framework

Why Risk Management?

You’re used to managing compliance risks on a daily basis, and ideally the control activities you put in place should prevent non-compliance. But what if they do not? 

Then it is risk management activities that should lead to prompt detection of non-compliance while minimizing harm to give your business the greatest chance of reducing penalties.  

A properly implemented risk-based approach creates a broader level of protection for your business, employees, and investors from reputational, administrative, civil, and criminal penalties. 

Join ACCCE today to learn about risk management best practices that help your business save time and money.

The Difference Between Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance Management

  • Compliance is about managing the regulations your business must comply with and integrating controls into your day-to-day operations
  • Compliance focuses on the specific tasks or outcomes a business must manage to remain compliant with regulatory requirements
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Risk Management

  • Risk management is an evaluation of all risks impacting the business, including compliance, to determine the risks worth taking and the controls worth implementing
  • Risk management focuses on the impact and likelihood the risks will have on the business, allowing management to prioritize resources on the mitigants most likely to minimize risks, or take advantage of their upsides

Common Risk Areas and Drivers

Our risk-based approach establishes a consistent framework to assess and manage risks throughout an organization. Our risk assessment format identifies risk from Money Laundering, Illicit Cannabis Market, Compliance, Supply Chain, and Operational risk areas. This allows the industry to identify high risk issues in a uniform way so that best practices can emerge.

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ACCCE’s Commercial Cannabis Handbook will help you reduce your business risks through proven risk management best practices. Members have immediate access to this repository of knowledge.

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Commercial Cannabis Insights

Commercial Cannabis Insights includes articles, interviews, and micro-learnings developed by commercial cannabis industry experts. These offer snapshots of emerging industry issues and developments and relate them back to risk management best practices identified in ACCCE’s Commercial Cannabis Handbook.

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Tailored Education

The key to successfully managing risk for any commercial cannabis business is ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of their responsibilities. Specialized education helps demonstrate to regulators and interested third parties your commitment to understanding and implementing best practices to manage the risks affecting your business. Tailored training saves you time and money by helping you at any point in your risk management lifecycle. ACCCE offers a range of specific commercial cannabis industry training and workshop topics.

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Webinars & Community Events

Engaging webinars and community events keep risk professionals abreast of current and emerging trends. These events highlight risk issues, case studies, and compliance hot topics specific to the commercial cannabis industry.

Risk Templates

Start Managing Your Risks Today with ACCCE’s Customizable Templates

Our Risk Program Template and Compliance Risk Assessment Template are great starting points for commercial cannabis businesses to formalize a risk management framework, and identify and manage their highest priority risks.  

These templates will save you time and money because:  

  • They are ready to be tailored to meet your specific business needs  
  • Instructional documents are included to guide you in completing the templates for your business