Alliance Membership Seal Guidelines

These guidelines are for ACCCE’s Alliance Members wishing to use one of ACCCE’s Alliance Membership Seals on their website or other marketing material.

Which Seal Should I Use?

Use the seal associated with your alliance membership type.

Thought Leader


Cannabis Risk Management Seal

Cannabis Risk Management Badge

CRM Advocate

CRM Advocate Badge

*By downloading the ACCCE Alliance Member seals, you are confirming that you are a current alliance member with regard to the respective seal.

Where Can I Use the Seal?

You can use your seal to show your alliance membership with ACCCE. Approved uses are:

  • On your website: in your footer or on your alliance page if you have one
  • In your email signature: you can place your seal alongside your logo or beneath your signature to demonstrate your alliance with ACCCE
  • On printed items such as reports, brochures and marketing materials

If used electronically you must link the seal back to the ACCCE homepage (

Website Footer with ACCCE thought leader badge mockup on ipad

Example of seal in website footer

ACCE thought leader badge on center of Website Alliance mockup Ipad

Example of seal on an alliance page with other seals/logos

Guidelines for Use

Clear Space and Minimum Size

The clearspace and minimum size specified here must be followed for all seal types.

No design elements, other logos or text can infringe on this ‘clear’ area. The clearspace is defined by the specified ‘X-height’.

ACCCE Cannabis Risk Management Badge with measurements


The seals can be used on any color of background and also over images. Complicated ‘busy’ patterns or images that compete with the seal should be avoided.

ACCCE CRM Advocate badge on sky blue background
ACCCE CRM Advocate badge on Dark blue with Cannabis Leaf background
ACCE Logo with building on the background

Accompanying text

You can include the following accompanying text with your seal, replacing “Business Name” with your company’s name:

Business Name is a member of the Association of Certified Commercial Cannabis Experts

The seal can be used without text if you prefer.

If you include the accompanying text it should be:

  • Placed underneath the seal
  • Spread over two to three lines
  • At least 12px
  • Spaced 0.5 x-height from the seal and the seal clearspace should then be applied below the text;
  • Either black (#000000) or white (#ffffff) and legible against the background 
  • In either Arimo (preferred) or Arial typefaces
Badge text


  • Link the seal back to the ACCCE homepage (
  • If the seal is used in a group of other alliance seals/logos, ensure it is a similar size/level of hierarchy 
  • Follow the guidelines specified above
  • Contact us to ask about other uses

Do not

  • Use the seal on a busy or cluttered background
  • Change the color of the seal
  • Use a seal that is different to your alliance membership level
  • Rotate the seal so it is at a different orientation to the rest of the material
  • Add any embellishments to the seal such as outlines, drop shadows or Santa hats
  • Alter the proportions of the seal


If you have questions about the use of your seal or would like to use it in a different way than is outlined above, please contact [email protected].