Alexis Freeman-Picard, CCCP

April 12, 2021


The key to any association is the people who make up the network. From bankers and commercial cannabis business owners, to entry level cannabis industry professionals and all who fall in between, we are proud of the diverse and expanding network who make up our members. To show our appreciation for the exceptional individuals in our community, we are highlighting Alexis Freeman Picard this week. Please reach out and connect with him here

Alexis is a student LaCité Collégial where he studies agricultural tech cannabis production. Because of the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, Alexis is studying cannabis production to gain the required qualifications to best serve the industry. 

Alexis started noticing the cannabis industry by living in Canada and seeing U.S states legalizing cannabis one by one. As he realized how fast the industry was growing and how much innovation was involved, he knew he had to be a part of it. When Canada legalized cannabis, Alexis started looking into how he could get involved with the industry. Once he found that LaCité Collégial offered a cannabis production program, he signed up to work toward his dream of being a qualified industry professional. Alexis believes that ACCCE’s risk management principals and best practices give him the knowledge necessary to identify and address risks and opportunities in the commercial cannabis industry. 

Alexis first heard about the Association of Certified Commercial Cannabis Experts through a friend and is an ACCCE Certified Commercial Cannabis Professional (CCCP) because he wants to demonstrate to those in the commercial cannabis industry that he is an asset who is knowledgeable in risk management and mitigation practices. “ACCCE provided me with the knowledge about strategies and practices to meet international cannabis standards and industry best practices.” Alexis believes that risk management is important for commercial cannabis businesses because it allows the business to achieve its primary objectives while keeping all other risks under control. 

Alexis has two older siblings and a little sister that just started high school. When he was younger, Alexis lived with his parents in a small farming town south of downtown Ottawa. Though he sometimes misses the quiet and peacefulness of his hometown, he enjoys living much closer to the city with his girlfriend. In his free time, Alexis enjoys playing board games, watching movies, his favorite is Dazed and Confused, and taking long walks with his family. Because Alexis has worked in many restaurants, he also loves cooking when he has the time. To wind down after a long day, Alexis enjoys taking care of his cannabis plants, reading, and listening to thought provoking podcasts.  

We are proud to have a member like Alexis in our network. As our community continues to grow, we find it important to thank our members for their commitment to professionalizing the commercial cannabis industry. Thank you, Alexis, for being such an important part of the cannabis community. Together, we are a part of something great.